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Starting a Business?

There's a lot to do.


Marketing, step 1: get your message right. I take clients through a set of thoughtful questions designed to hone in on exactly what it is that makes your business unique and desirable. The end result of these exploratory sessions is custom-written, complete website content. This document is also meant to help you communicate clearly about your business to others - not just on your website, but on social media and other marketing materials, too.


Once you’ve approved your message, I'll create and design a website for your new business using SquareSpace. You will choose from a couple different graphics concepts that reflect the look and feel you want your brand to have. You are free to focus elsewhere while I write and design a simple, 4-6 page website that clearly showcases your value.

Logo/Other Marketing Materials

Finally, I will design some supporting brand materials. If you need a logo, I’ll create 3-4 custom designs to choose from. You pick your favorites, or the elements you like best and I will turn them into a logo that accurately represents your brand. If you don’t need a logo, I will write and design a one-page PDF - something simple to hand out to prospects that helps them understand what you’re all about at-a-glance.


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