the write shop

the write shop

Tell your

story well.


Great marketing needs great writing. 

I created The Write Shop to help start-ups, small businesses and professional service providers clearly express the value their unique business brings to prospective clients or patients.

My goal is to showcase your strengths and help you tell your story well - on your website and other marketing materials. After all, every piece of writing you share is an opportunity. Don’t miss it!

Sarah Harris, MBA

Sarah Harris, MBA

What my clients are saying:

Sarah is able to boil complex content down to its fundamental core and deliver it in a clear and concise manner.
— Ali Stinson, Executive VP, Clear Concepts Consulting Group
Sarah guided us through setting up our website, structuring the layout and developing content for the site. She has been an invaluable resource in educating potential customers about our business.
— Ross Dudley, Founder & Partner, Simple Insight
Whatever your business’s key attributes may be, count on Sarah to probe until she truly understands the value you bring to your customers. Her writing ensures your audience can’t miss how you can help them.
— Eric Kiesshauer, Founder, The 401k Revolt
I highly recommend The Write Shop if you are starting a business or if you need creative marketing solutions. Sarah helped me think through my business plan with thought provoking questions about my goals. She designed my logo, which I love, and will be working on my website soon. She is very creative, organized, and professional.
— Julie Dudley, Founder, Loblolly Woodworks
When starting your own business, you don’t want to go to just anyone for your website. When I first sat down with Sarah I was highly impressed. She doesn’t just take a genuine interest in your business but she takes a genuine interest in you as a person. She is mindful of what you want on your page and writes in a way that makes it appealing to customers. She is very friendly and easy to work with.
— Rae Long, Massage Therapist
Sarah was able to take an idea and bring out the particulars to create a great website. Working with her was easy and she delivered a great product!
— Robert Kraay, Founder, DSG