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Are You Answering the ONE "Big Question" that Converts Website Visitors to Interested Leads?


The way you present your business online matters - I probably don't have to convince you of that! Putting together a great website (or blog, or social media page) requires visually appealing design, valuable, relevant content and clear, error-free writing, among other things. Even when all that is present on a website, one question frequently remains either unanswered or buried in a place few prospects would take the time to find it. 

The "Big Question" visitors to your website have is this: Why should I choose your business over another? 

When you think about it, that's what any person who is deciding where to buy products or services is asking - especially if you're in an industry or business where most of the competition is offering the same type of product or service (or prospects perceive it to be the same!).

Is your website answering the BIG QUESTION?

Is your website answering the BIG QUESTION?

So many websites don't communicate, clearly and concisely, why the business is different. If you can craft a message that answers this question brilliantly and display it prominently, you will gain a huge leg up on your competition. But how do you get there?

Know your prospect. If you know your prospective clients/customers/patients/whatevers well, you know what they want. You know their pain points, their preferences and what's valuable to them. If you don't know these things or have them well-defined and written down somewhere, going through the process of defining "buyer personas" is extremely valuable. This insight must be taken into account when crafting your message, but it's not enough on it's own.

Know your competition. I'm sure you know who your biggest competitors are. You probably know what services they offer and have opinions on why you're a better choice. That's all good, but you also need to know what they are telling your prospects and the feedback your prospects are giving. Google your competitors to see what messages they're sending and read reviews if you can. Are they answering the "Big Question" better than you? What are they saying that's the same or different? What are the biggest complaints or praises from reviews? You can use all of this to get rock-solid on why you're a better choice, then communicate it to prospects.

Put the message in the right place. Maybe you're arguing with me in your head or defending your own efforts here. Maybe you do know your prospects and competition well and you think you've got a solid, well-thought out answer to the "Big Question". But where exactly are you displaying this information? Is it on your homepage? How far down do visitors have to scroll to see it? How long is it? It is in your "About Us" section? A section about your values or mission? The attention span of the average person perusing the internet is shrinking. When a prospect lands on your page, you have mere seconds to grab their attention - so you need to tell them why to choose your business as immediately and completely as you can, right on your home page. 

Put it all together. Before you can begin writing a message that will resonate with your prospects, you need to define who they are and what they want from a business like yours. Before you can win your prospects from your competition, you need to know what the competition is offering - and how they claim to be different. The magic happens when you find those core things your business does: #1, better than anyone else, and, #2 that specifically address your prospect's needs and pain points. When you've got a solid, concise answer to the "Big Question", showcase it on your home page - front and center. Draw your prospects in, and give them a reason to stay on your site for more than just a few seconds.

The bottom line is this: you can have the snazziest website and do all the marketing you want, but if your message isn't relevant or compelling enough to convince prospects why you're the best choice, you won't get very far. So go take a look at your home page with fresh eyes and ask yourself, "Does this page communicate, within seconds, why a prospective client/customer/patient/whatever should choose my business instead of a competitor?" If it doesn't, it's time for a little writing overhaul. It's time to nail that message!

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